Property Law and Real Estate



Italian real estate, and its inherent challenges, is a practice area within which the Firm has a specialised acumen.

The Firm continuously provides legal services in multi-disciplinary sectors, requiring the integration of contractual aspects of real estate and property law with aspects of public law and urban development.

The Firm has contributed to the success of several large transactions in domestic and international markets by carrying out the following activities:

   Advising on agreements for the construction of industrial, commercial and residential projects

   Assisting in finding the financing and drafting financing agreements with institutional investors

   Performing all related due diligence and assessment of the properties

   Drafting of commercial contracts for the development of leisure and multipurpose centres

   Advising on the regulations for the building and running of multiplex centres

   Consulting on zoning regulations and managing the bureaucratic path of property development projects

   Structuring commercial leasehold agreements