The Firm

 Our background

We originated in 1961 with the opening of the first Italian office of Graham & James, a US law firm based in San Francisco which sought to assist foreign businesses doing business in Italy and, in particular, Italian subsidiaries of American corporations.

In 1981, Paolo Pisano, an American attorney and senior partner of Graham & James, together with Maurizio Maiano, also a member of Graham & James, established Pisano De Vito Maiano Catucci & Partners, which then evolved in Maiano Pisano & Partners with Maurizio Maiano acting as Managing Partner since 1997.

Strong of our cross-border nature, we continue to assist national and international corporate clients and high net worth individuals in business transactions and in resolving disputes in both Italian and international forums. 

In the spotlight

As one of the earliest international corporate practices in Italy, we have had and continue to hold a key role in making the Italian market accessible to international corporates, assisting from the incorporation of the Italian subsidiary, the acquisition of a target, the structuring of joint trading operations and advising on efficient distribution models. 

In the rise of global financial markets, we collected extensive experience assisting medium and large companies trading on the Milan Stock Exchange, including with initial public offerings and increasing the share capital. During the last decade, we have seen a sharp increase in private equity funded operations and have assisted institutional investors identifying potential targets, analysing key legal issues, structuring the operation and providing support throughout the life of the investment.

We are leading specialist advisors on Direct Selling and Multi-LevelMarketing business structures, having assisted some of the largest global organisations in the industry. For further information on our work within the dedicate section at the following link: Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing.

Italian real estate and manufacturing prowess are attracting foreign high net worth individuals and, to this end, we regularly assist private individuals acquiring estates, local trades and dealing with administrative procedures relating to residency. Part of the advise often involves complex cross-border fiscal structures and our clients, both corporates and individuals, can benefit from our in-house team of tax advisors.


Our reach

With offices in Milan and Rome, and through an alliance with selected international law firms, we can assist clients throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. In particular, with affiliated offices in Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, we provide a local insight and experience in these regions of growing relevance to Italian trade.


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